Think Cubic Feet

When designing a commercial cannabis cultivation facility, many people think in terms of square footage in order to determine how many plants they are able to grow. But, if your rooms are tall enough, why limit yourself to one level? Instead of...

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Mold Prevention through Proper Humidity Control

As of this writing, all recreational plants in Colorado and Washington must be tested for contaminants such as mold and bacteria (Colorado is currently working to require testing for medical marijuana as well). With the push behind legalization,...

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Cannabis Investor Webcast Recap

April 09, 2015

Inside Surna, shows

In March, Surna was invited to be a presenter on the Cannabis Investor Webcast. Surna presented during the first hour of the webcast, opening up the day-long, multi-company event. Each month the webcast attracts hundreds of investors and...

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Up-Potting: The Importance of Proper Potting

As your cannabis plants grow, they will frequently need to be moved into larger containers as available root space becomes limited. While it may be tempting to simply start plants in a 10-gallon pot and skip up-potting altogether, this will lead...

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