One Year of Legal Recreational Cannabis: Where the Cannabis Industry Stands

In Colorado this week, the first year of legally sanctioned cannabis sales since Prohibition began comes to a close. Of course, cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, but there is a vibrant market here in Colorado—and, in many ways, what...

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Check Every Plant, Every Day

As the holiday season kicks into high gear, we’d like to remind all of the growers out there to keep a mindful eye on your plants as personnel availability waivers to accommodate vacation schedules. Depending on the grow medium being used, plants...

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Culling the Cannabis Garden

This concept is going to sound backwards to many of you, but our years of cannabis growing experience have shown that the best way to produce the highest quality product is to cull plants at each stage of growth.  Professional gardeners know this...

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Picture Day

December 11, 2014

Inside Surna, surna team

Last week we took a team photo. It's amazing to see how much our team has grown over the last few months!

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