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What is Hydronic Cooling and Why Should I Care?

Easy Maintenance for Cultivation Facilities

Water Conservation in Cannabis Cultivation

What is Vapor Pressure Deficit and why does it matter?

Surna's own Amanda Luketa becomes a LEED Accredited Professional!

Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition: What we learned

California's developing Cannabis industry

Announcing Surna's new website and brand strategy

Creating Best Practices for the Cannabis Industry

NCIA Business Summit & CWCBE: What we learned

NCIA Lobby Days and Lift Expo: What we learned

Cultivating Consistent Quality in Cannabis

5 Things to Know about Canada's Marijuana Legislation

Grow as you grow: Scaling climate control systems

Surna Decomplicates New Odor Control Rules for Denver Cultivators

Biosecurity Risks in the Garden

Installing and Maintaining Cooling Systems for your Indoor Garden: An Interview

Compliance as a Competitive Advantage: Get your Garden in Order

Correctly Sizing a Cooling System for your Indoor Garden

What We Learned: CannaCon Recap

Engineering for the Cannabis Cultivation Industry: An Interview

What You Should Know About The Cannabis Industry

How to Effectively Cool your Nutrient Solution

Who is Surna?

December Newsletter: A Year in Review

Finding the Right Contractor for your Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Options for Controling your Pest and Fungal Issues Despite Strict Regulation

Considering your Regional Climate when Choosing Equipment for Cannabis Cultivation

What We Learned: MJ Biz Conference and Expo Recap

Cannabis Legalization: What it Means for Cultivators

Sustainability for your Indoor Garden

Indoor Gardens: Managing two distinct environments

June Newsletter: Be The Good You Want to See

Keeping the Garden Clean

What We Learned from the 2016 NCIA Cannabis Business Summit Recap

How to Properly Measure Temperature of an Indoor Garden

The Importance of Moving Air in an Indoor Garden

May Newsletter: Top Tips to Increase Yields

A Little Preventative Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Forcing Cannabis to Flower

Lobby Days 2016

April Newsletter: Get Involved

Commercial Cultivators Need Hydroponics

The Importance of Frequent Biosecurity Checks

Grow Lights do Not Need to be Moved

Small Steps to a More Sustainable Business

Sustainable Practices for Indoor Cultivation

Growing Methods: Indoor vs Greenhouse vs Outdoor

Comfort Cooling vs Process Cooling: What You Need to Know

March Newsletter: Pesticide Confusion

Growing in Aisles: Reduce Costs and Increase Yields

Why Everyone Should Grow on a 5x5 Footprint

Top Tips to Reduce Costs for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

A 6/2 Light Schedule Could Increase Plant Growth

Defeat Powdery Mildew

February Newsletter: Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Grow

Avoid Nutrient Lock-Out with Nutrient Flushes

More Light Requires More Nutrients

January Newsletter: Maximizing Yield per Square Foot

Air Sanitation Protects Your Investment

Glass can be Beneficial

Building Community: Working with University Students on Design Project

Energy Efficient Equipment Can Aide in Application Selection

What to Expect When Applying for a Cannabis Business License

Common Cooling Myths for Cultivation

Importance of Cannabis Advocacy

Innovative Cannabis Cultivation Technology

The Cost of Building Cheap

December Newsletter: Looking Ahead to 2016

Surna Reflector: Why Size Matters

Cannabis vs Food Production

#WeedWeek in Las Vegas 2015

How to Start a Legal Cannabis Cultivation Facility

October Newsletter: The Importance of More Light

Choosing a Reflector: Effect on Revenue

Heat Transfer Using Surna's Air Handlers

Growing with Surna: Top Posts from First Year of Blogging

Hot Spots and Your Plants

September Newsletter: Water Conservation as California Regulates

Lumens Vs Micromoles

Cooling Towers and Dry Coolers

Kill Your Plants

August Newsletter: Indoor Ag Turns to Cannabis

What Growers Need

Cooling: The Removal of Heat

July Newsletter: Growing Demand for Studies and Legalization

Odor Control

7 Rules for a Successful Cannabis Grow

Trellising the Cannabis Grow

Male or Female: Sexing the Cannabis Plant

June Newsletter: Dropping Prices Demand Efficiency

State of the Cannabis Market: Infographic

Pruning Your Cannabis Garden

Cannabis Veg Room Design

Cannabis Nursery Room Design

Commercial Cannabis Lighting Design

Summer Lead Times

Cannabis Takes D.C.

Think Cubic Feet

Mold Prevention through Proper Humidity Control

Cannabis Investor Webcast Recap

Up-Potting: The Importance of Proper Potting

Cultivation Management Symposium

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Cultivation Facility

Healthy and Unhealthy Cannabis Plant Stressors

Surna in Seattle: Cannabis Conference Edition

Three Key Hires for a Successful Grow

Surna at ASHRAE 2015

A Day in the Life

What to Expect When Starting A Cannabis Business

One Year of Legal Recreational Cannabis: Where the Cannabis Industry Stands

Check Every Plant, Every Day

Culling the Cannabis Garden

Picture Day

Surna is a "NewCo"

Keeping the Winter Chill Away

Cannabis: The Big Winner of 2014 Elections

The Cannabis Industry Heads to Las Vegas

The Future of Cannabis: Extracts and Infusions

Benefits of Regulation

Ideal Cannabis Growing Environment

Chilled-Water Cooling Basics

The Power of Words

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